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Throughout my life I have been surrounded by music in all its facets - listening to music in the car with my dad or brothers, listening to music at various kinds of parties and celebrations, getting the opportunity to listen to music being created in the recording studio or on a film set, listening and watching musicians in rehearsals as well was performances on stages. All of the above scenarios have attributed to me learning music at a very high level. 

Even though we need to develop our skill set with physical practice, which is a must and very important towards our development, all the effort in the world is not going to make an impact to our musical skill if we don’t listen to music in all its styles and forms. Listening to the newest and latest trends in music is important as it can show you where music is at in the current times but also equally important to trace it back and study the evolution through its history. So listening to music goes side by side with the physical practice that we all put into mastering our craft. Music Listening and Learning never stops. Music is a vast ocean and we are just a drop in that ocean. Explore, seek, find new music and as well as go back through history and learn how it all began and evolved. This listening approach will enhance and strengthen your musical knowledge to a very advanced level. 

On our campus at NMIMS SOPA, the teaching at School of Performing Arts is unique. It balances the theoretical with the practical, while keeping the student-teacher ratio low, ensuring students get individual attention from the faculty. The faculty brings vast knowledge and experience on their respective musical instruments and introduce, guide and teach students the best way to listen to music. What to listen to. How to listen. Which will eventually develop the students Ear’s.  

In terms of facilities, NMIMS School of Performing Arts is equipped with the finest instruments available, and has multiple jam rooms, recording spaces, an audio-visual library, production labs, and more. This ensures students get every opportunity to explore their interests beyond the instrument of their choice. The students also have direct access to professional infrastructure including the latest software, the finest instruments as well as a large collection of books.

While the School opens up many opportunities for students to explore the Indian music Industry, they are taught skills and techniques that are used by performers and session musicians globally. This allows them to be versatile and dynamic in their approach, which will prove vital to their success.

Covering all styles of music at NMIMS SOPA we give the student access to everything music learning has to offer. 

Keep on keeping on. 

Keep Listening. Keep Learning. 



Gino Banks

Coordinator, Advisor, 

Senior Adjunct Faculty 

NMIMS School of Performing Arts  

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